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yo guys ,

We have moved to killian since yesterday ,
Me kesh gemba athela and sudden are already in killian and a few more are following us ,
we wont continue with whitefall
we are prolly gonna join codex after we have been tested .
I hope everybody gonna have a good time on ishara 
if you ever think to transfer to killian whisper us in killian .

When we logged in killian we were so suprised kanstria was full of people , peopel were dueling everywhere LFG chats everywhere LFG group finder i saw like 17 party's in that list .

and for me , i saw like 10 friends the first 5 minutes i logged in . i got a reason now to play again much more ppl is much more fun ! 

cya guys later in killian if u ever gonna move ^^
leef You guys still playing Tera?
Blackshock a Leef I'm gonna play wildstar to Mail me or whatsapp me !!! Nijay@live.nl is my mail
leef Iam gonna try out wildstar cbt.. but if Iam bored I'll consider getting back to Killian.. maybe play the elin lance...
hello all ,

I'm going to transfer to killian with a few friends .
this is only possible for me if i dont get vanarch , if i get vanarch i will just quit the game for a while and get outside hang around with friends since they blame me for not being with htem at all :P

I'm kinda bored with this game there is no ppl at all in ishara , No people means No Fun .
I know many people in killian who are still playing , realy alot .

Im going back to them and few of our friends from ishara are comming as well .

Hope u guys gonna have a good time here in ishara and hope to see you again sometime :)

You can prolly find me in Blade&Soul when its released . or add me on facebook to keep in touch.

had loads of fun with u guys but to keep playing this game i need more fun and thats where loads of people are "killian"

If u guys are going to play B&S as well add me on facebook and we will keep in touch .
If tera is sucha a good game after the alliance patch etc and is still better then Blade and soul ofc i stay in tera then , After This adventure i will be waiting for Lineage 3 thats prolly in end of 2014 or start 2015 . 

I will transfer in 5 days , those 5 days i will take a break wont log in tera that much , i will be on raidcall tho so if there are any questions feel free to ask me .

Regards Blackshock
STOKA We dont care....
Hello all , 

As we all know , There is a new patch incomming the 16th of May for Tera Europe .
In this new patch the following things will be added .

-20vs20 Battlegrounds(Most likely the Siege BG with cannons siege weapons tanks etc)
-10 & 20 Man Raid Kelsaik Nest Raid 

The 20 vs 20 Bg's are going to be fun but we will just que for it like we que for the normal BG's .

Unlike the New 10&20 Man Raid Kelsaik.

Our friend Barut is making us a nice DKP system to work with .
With this DKP system we can manage to give the loots fairly to people who realy need it or wants it .

A little explanation about DKP http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/26749.

I will post more info about this when we are comming near 16th of may.
Bombo me niggas,

Lets talk about the past few weeks , 

We had some cool GvG's , Did  many Bg's , We did many PVE .
Many people in the guild stopped playing or are taking a break from the game .

From today on we gonna get a little more serious , What do i mean with this ? 

-24/7 GVG On
-Attempting Manaya Core hard More
-Farming Visionmaker Designs 
-Members must be in Full Conjuct in atleast 2 weeks from now 
-More members need to start doing Arena's 

Hell yea shit just got real ! We are preparing for the next content patch the Federation patch or so called Alliance patch ! Thats were we gonna shine so till then you have time to prepare to have the best gear ingame .

So Soldier , Get Your Shit Together and Lets rape Them All !
Lowermygun x almost there just need to +12 em
FabioChiyo sorry for my inactivity of this 2 - 3 days but i had problem with my i-net provider. Also the week-end is here and i dun...
leef Like you know, Iam leveling up my priest and will gear it for pvp rather than my zerker. my zerker will be mostly for pv...
Check Out Our Forums For More Information About The Upcomming New Content Update ! 

Also we got a Officer ! Congratz Mister Officer ! 
Check out who got officer in News section
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